Pirounaki Traditional tavern

About Pirounaki Traditional tavern

"PIROUNAKI" (means small fork) is a typical outdoor family-run tavern located in the village of Lagadakia in Zakynthos, and where you can rediscover ancient flavors. Immersed in greenery and surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and citrus trees, you will not have to think about what to order, the owners will take care of everything.

In the 17th century, the property where the "PIROUNAKI" tavern is housed today belonged to Lord Vlastos. At the beginning of the 20th century, it came to the Arvanitakis family, but with the earthquake of 1953 most of the building was destroyed, as was the church of Agios Petros located next to the garden, where you can see the walls to these days. Before the opening of the tavern, the closest friends of the owner Tasos Arvanitakis gathered in its garden, eating, drinking and singing, participating with a small symbolic contribution. Thus, in 2014, Tasos and his family opened the "PIROUNAKI" tavern, keeping the same menu until today, where it includes eight different dishes depending on the season and the customer's needs. Varieties of meat, vegetables, sweets and seasonal fruits are always fresh, most of which come from the garden next to the tavern, as well as the wine from the surrounding vineyards.

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