Zakynthos 3-Hours Tour with Submarine

About Zakynthos 3-Hours Tour with Submarine

At the beginning of our tour, our experienced staff will spot one of the majestic Caretta-Caretta sea turtles that visit Zakynthos during the summer, and the ship will carefully approach so that you can see it up close and take one-of-a-kind pictures, both from our underwater glass cabin, as it is swimming next to you, and from the deck, as it pokes its head out to take a deep breath before diving back in.

After we bid our friend farewell, we will be on our way to the Keri Caves. As we cross Laganas Bay, you can enjoy the sea breeze on the sunny deck with snacks and drinks from our bar or cool off in the air-conditioned underwater cabin. Soon, we will be sailing along the coastline of Marathias Mountain, with an ever-shifting landscape of sea caves, stone planes, cliffs and reefs, until we reach the giant cave and stone arch, where we will stop for photos. A little further along, away from boat traffic, we will make a 20-minute swimming stop, and you can choose between sliding into the sea from our ramp and diving from the boards at the side of the ship.

We will then head to Turtle Island, and after a tour around the back, where you will see a sea cave that is frequently visited by seals, we will make a 45-minute stop for swimming at the front beach. The fine, golden sand and crystal-clear shallows are very family-friendly, and you will get to see the turtles’ nests and plenty of small fish. You will be able to comfortably walk out to the beach from our ramp, keeping your belongings safe and dry. The Yellow Submarine and its crew will remain at the same spot, so you can come and go as you please - the bar will stay open too!

The final highlight of the tour is Cameo Island, right outside Agios Sostis Port. The Yellow Submarine will approach the islet, and you will get to see the beautiful gulf that is hiding at the back of the island, with turquoise waters, a white beach, high cliffs and pine trees at the top.

Our journey concludes at Agios Sostis Port, at the same spot we started from.

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