Exochora, the ideal place to experience the traditional local architecture and the authentic lifestyle of Zakynthos countryside

Exochora is located under Mount Brachionas and has 220 inhabitants. The village of Exochora or Oxochora has been known since 1521 and was famous for its 115 wells and 40 reservoirs. Today it is densely built and preserves many pre-earthquake buildings. The products produced are: oil, grains and grapes. The excellent type of red wine of the region is well known. The residents are also engaged in tourism.

Its admirable monument is: - The church – monument of Agios Nikolaos. The time of the foundation of this church, which defied three centuries of earthquakes and still remains standing and unscathed, is written on its beautiful wood-carved and gilded iconostasis, which is an important work of Nikolas Vidale. The works of art of this church are a true heritage and legacy of the great historical and artistic past of the Island. Next to this spacious and towering church, its "single" cute bell tower is also preserved. The church is located next to the road, in front of a square, which has an old plane tree in the middle. This monument is one of the most valuable on the Island. - The Little Castle at the top of Almyra hill and the old wells.