Agios Leontas, the village that has two of the best kept secrets of Zakynthos, Porto Roxa and porto Limnionas.

Agios Leontas Zakynthos or Aelios is a settlement of 437 inhabitants located in the mountainous Zakynthos. It is the third largest village of the municipal unit of Artemision, after Machairado and Romiri. It is the seat of the homonymous local community to which the Fterini settlement also belongs. The local community of Agios Leotons is characterized as a semi-mountainous rural settlement, with an area of 26,818 sq km. In the village there is a primary school, a kindergarten, two bakeries, another church, Agia Paraskevi, and a football field with a plastic carpet, on which the local team plays.

The beaches of Roxas and Limnionas are located in close proximity to the settlement (about 4 kilometers away). To the west of the village, there is road access to the village of Exo Chora, while to the east it is connected by road to the village of Koiliomenos. The same road also leads to the town of Zakynthos, which is 23 kilometers away.

There is a legend about the church of Saint Leo. According to him, when the church began to be built in another location in the 14th century, the icon of the Saint miraculously moved at night to the hill where the church is today. Finally the residents were convinced to build the church in its current location.